me_windy-hair-600Keith Cleversley has been in the studio since he was a teenager. Lucky enough to record, produce, and/or go out on the road as front of house engineer with a number of amazing bands such as the Flaming Lips, Mercury Rev, Hum, Urge Overkill, the Posies, Spiritualized, Flickerstick, Sound of Urchin, My Bloody Valentine and many others, Keith has a passion for creating a sound that feels three-dimensional.

He realized this skill lent itself perfectly to mastering records, and Wavefront Mastering was born.

After over a dozen successful years with The Playground in Chicago, Keith fulfilled a lifelong dream of living in California, and settled in a little seaside town called Encinitas in 2009. He brought favorite and his most compact and sleekest gear from his Chicago recording studio (The Playground) to California with him. There, he built a cozy little mastering facility on the ocean that has everything anyone looking for the clearest, fattest, loudest, smoothest sounds needs.

(After he completed the Wavefront Mastering build, he built a second 8,000 sq/ft facility from the ground up in Vista, CA called Florascience with a beyond-compliant GMP testing facility inside of it called Wonderland-Labs.)

With an SSL Matrix to handle all of the Pro Tools integration seamlessly, to the Weiss ADC-2 Analog to Digital Convertor, a bunch of his favorite tube gear like the Manley Massive Passive, as well as his beloved Studer 1/2″ machine, or even the MCI 24-track machine in all it’s fuzzy glory is available to tweak sounds to their utmost.

He then streamlined the process of mastering songs and albums by integrating an online eCommerce platform that walks any potential client from submitting songs, to commenting on revisions, to getting the final product in whatever format you prefer.  Coupled with an amazingly sleek, secure online workspace, where the entire projects is uploaded, tracked, edited, and delivered, mastering couldn’t be more painless for the client.

Mastering is only $50.00 per song, with unlimited revisions. Entire single albums are a flat fee of $500.00, also with unlimited revisions. Look to the Wavefront Mastering Shop for all of the services we offer.  When you sign up for mastering, you will be given a personal, ultra-secure Wavefront Workspace account, where all of the progress, comments, and revisions are tracked until you’re 100% happy with the final result.

I look to exceed your expectations, utilizing over 20 years of engineering and production experience into every song I master, every track I restore, or every analog recording I preserve in ultra-high definition digital. More often than not, I hear that things came out better than the artist had hoped or expected; something that’s always music to my ears, and ensures that everyone is completely satisfied.

Up Means Louder,

Keith Cleversley / 312-498-8265
Email: keith at wavefrontmastering dot com