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Equalization is perhaps the most-used processing tool in audio production.With the use of compression (read my Practical & Effective Compression Use article), it’s also perhaps one of the most improperly applied ones in an engineer’s arsenal as well. Since equalizers and equalization seems to be so self-explanatory, understanding it past the mechanical functions of and […]

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When to Apply Dithering? There are a number of choices of dithering to pick from, and dithering is actually appearing in far more places than ever before, making it even easier to misuse and abuse this critical stage of sound production, reduction, and reproduction. If uncertain about what you’re doing with dithering, the best thing […]

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After working with multiple solutions for mastering CD’s at the Wavefront Mastering, we settled on SoundBlade by Sonic Studio; the spinoff company from the world-standard Sonic Solutions. We tested BIAS Peak, SoundForge, Pro Tools and many other solutions, but when it came down to trusting the software to make an end product that would be […]

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